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Character List

Due to the enormous size of the cast in this fic, we are listing in this post all the main characters from various fandoms and universes that appear in the story, along with some background information for those unfamiliar with a particular set of characters. Contains spoilers for both the canon and the fic, so continue at your own risk. List of important Original Characters (OCs) are at the very bottom. With the exception of OCs, universes are listed in approximate order of first appearance.


A British BBC show, spinoff of Doctor Who, about a secret organization called Torchwood Three based in Cardiff, Wales, which monitors a rift in space and time that periodically dumps stuff on or takes stuff from Earth (mainly Cardiff). Stuff includes living things.
This fic considers all of season 1 to be canon. It may consider some of the season 2 backstory canon but the events of season 2 itself are not canon.

Captain Jack Harkness
Leader of Torchwood Three. From the 51st century. Ex-con man. Omnisexual. Cannot permanently die. Has traveled with the Ninth and Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. Kinda loves the Doctor.
In our fic:
Currently mind-linked with Gregory House. Was in a sexual relationship with Ianto Jones, but they are on a break after he slept with House, James Wilson, and Lisa Cuddy. He is traveling with the Tenth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen Cooper. He is currently aboard the Flying Dutchman with Will Turner and Olivia Schneider after being drowned by Calypso to send Will a message from Elizabeth.
Ianto Jones
Does clean-up work and general secretarial tasks at Torchwood Three. Has been called a teaboy but knows much more. Used to work for Torchwood One in London, but it was destroyed by Cybermen and Daleks in Doctor Who. His girlfriend, Lisa, was turned into a Cyberman and subsequently shot by Torchwood Three when Ianto snuck her into the Hub in an attempt to reverse the cyber-conversion process.
In our fic:
Broke up with Captain Jack Harkness after finding out he slept with Gregory House, James Wilson, and Lisa Cuddy. He is traveling with the Tenth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen Cooper. Currently aboard the Black Pearl as a guest of Hector Barbossa.
Gwen Cooper
Second in command and police liaison at Torchwood Three. Is dating Rhys Williams and valued by Jack for her "human connection," i.e. having a life outside of Torchwood. Cheated on Rhys with Owen Harper but has since stopped.
In our fic:
Gwen Cooper fell ill in the Prologue and has not yet recovered. House diagnosed the underlying cause as VHL, a genetic disease. She is in Princeton under the care of Nurse Brenda and Bilis Manger awaiting a cure by Chula nanogenes. She has been approached in her dreams by a being that identifies itself as God, who has proven to have some sort of physical manifestation in the real world
Toshiko "Tosh" Sato
Tech specialist at Torchwood Three. Has met the Ninth Doctor. Is super badass.
In our fic:
Tosh harbored a romantic interest in the original character Monty but suspected him of being a double agent. He proved his loyalty but died saving her life. She is traveling with the Fourth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen.
Owen Harper
Medical specialist (and qualified doctor) at Torchwood Three. Is a bit of a womanizer but fell in love with a woman named Diane who fell through the Rift from the 1950s and then subsequently disappeared into the Rift again. Had a relationship with Gwen Cooper.
In our fic:
Traveling with the Fourth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen.
Rhys Williams
Gwen Cooper's boyfriend. Knows nothing about Torchwood Three but was once retconned (memory wiped) after Gwen told him about her affair with Owen Harper to ease her own conscience.
In our fic:
Fell down Torchwood Three's invisible lift entrance and got whisked away to Myfanwy's love nest.
Bilis Manger
A man capable of moving through space and time by a thought. Has plotted for years to get Torchwood to open the Rift with the Rift Manipulator to release Abbadon, a giant goat monster whose shadow sucks the life out of people and who has been trapped under the Rift since the beginning of time. Literally, no, not a metaphor, look, we're just reporting the facts! Abbadon tried to suck the life out of Jack Harkness and got owned.
In our fic:
Bilis is now in love with Gwen Cooper and wishes to win her affection in return. He is taking care of her in the Princeton hospital with the help of Nurse Brenda.
Pterodactyl living in the Torchwood Three base (called The Hub). Likes dark chocolate and Ianto Jones, who feeds her. Was caught by Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness, and therefore witnessed their first incident of man-on-man action.

House M.D.

An American Fox show, about House, a diagnostician at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital who does not operate by the rules and solves all the hard cases no one else can.
This fic considers all of season 1 and 2 to be canon, and season 3 up to the episodes before Chase and Cameron start having a relationship. Everything after that Never Happened.

Gregory House
A diagnostician who is best friends with James Wilson and sexually harasses his boss, Lisa Cuddy. He suffered a infarction in his leg and now suffers constant pain and requires a cane. Favorite motto is that everyone lies, and he pretends to hate the world and have no heart. Addicted to Vicodin.
In our fic:
Currently mind-linked with Jack Harkness. Traveling with the Fourth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen Cooper.
James Wilson
Gregory House's best friend. Has married lots of women and then gotten divorced by them. Is an oncologist but frequently fails to diagnose cancer for plot purposes to make House look cooler. Cares a lot about people, improbably.
In our fic:
After getting kissed by Jack Harkness in the elevator, he realizes he loves House. Traveling with the Fourth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen Cooper.
Lisa Cuddy
Endocrinologist and administrator of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Single and wants to have a child but may be too old to do so. Fertility treatments have failed, and it is unknown whether she ever chose a sperm donor. Has a love-hate relationship with Gregory House, both personally and professionally.
In our fic:
Has turned violent and slightly unstable due to stress, though it is possible the change is not noticeable. Traveling with the Tenth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen Cooper. Currently aboard the Black Pearl as a guest of Hector Barbossa.
Robert Chase
Intensive care specialist serving as a fellow under House. Has been romantically interested in Allison Cameron. Seeks to protect his job at all costs, and as a result, tends to suck up to House. Australian. Had estranged relationship with father (also a doctor) who is now dead.
In our fic:
Was body-swapped with Cameron but is now back to normal. Traveling with the Tenth Doctor in search of a cure for Gwen. Has a pet spider droid named Joey. Currently aboard the Empress as a guest of Elizabeth Turner.
Allison Cameron
Immunologist serving as a fellow under House. Has flirted with Robert Chase but is not romantically interested in him. Sort of hates Eric Foreman but respects him. Honest and cares a lot. Has an unfortunate tendency to fall in love with dying people.
In our fic:
Was body-swapped with Chase, during which time her body was injured significantly. Kidnapped by Persian pirates in the 18th century, physical location unknown (last seen in Singapore).
Eric Foreman
Neurologist serving as as a fellow under House. Is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Can be manipulative. Suffered some brain damage when he came into contact with a disease in a patient's home but has since recovered from motor skill damage. Does not get along well with Allison Cameron, thinks Robert Chase is a suck up, and does not want to end up damaged like Gregory House (too late!).
In our fic:
Decided to stay in Princeton to care for Gwen Cooper but after finding out that Nurse Brenda was running the hospital behind his back and the aliens were still infiltrating the government, decided to quit and find a job somewhere else.
Evil Nurse Brenda
Evil. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! RUUUUUUUN!!!!! (Actually, is just a bit of an administrative pain to doctors in the show). Has not appeared since season 1, sadly. Or chapter 4... UNTIL NOW. And now she has her own little section about what she's doing:
In our fic:
In Princeton caring for Gwen Cooper. Took over Cuddy's role as administrator of the hospital after proving a capable assistant to Eric Foreman, who'd originally been left in charge but quit after feeling unneeded and becoming paranoid about alien attacks.

Doctor Who

A British BBC show, about the Doctor, an unconventional Time Lord (ancient alien race) from Gallifrey (ancient alien planet) with a fondness for humans and Earth who takes human companions on adventures through space and time, battling villains and saving worlds while also tending to leave a legacy of devastation in his wake (oops!). The Doctor is capable of regenerating into a new physical form when he is mortally injured, and has done so several times. The Time Lords and Gallifrey have been wiped out of existence following a Time War with the Daleks, a race of super-warriors in pepperpots genetically engineered by this ugly guy in a pepperpot called Davros from this hellhole of a planet called Skaro. They kill people with toilet plungers and egg beaters that shoot lasers. Not a joke.
Varies by character. Check bios.

Tenth Doctor
Rude and not ginger. Tends to resolve confrontations with a sonic screwdriver that does everything except nothing. Hyperactive and somewhat annoyingly manic with an intense curiosity. Likes French words.
Post-S4, Ten confronted Daleks that stole Earth and lost Donna some months ago. However, the Torchwood team of our fic has not encountered the same crisis yet, as they are from an earlier time period. S3 probably never happened.
In our fic:
Gave Ianto Jones a device that will summon him when activated when he dropped Jack Harkness off prior to Torchwood S2 (and also the fic). Ianto used the device upon discovering Gwen's disease is incurable and requires Chula nanogenes to fix. The Tenth Doctor arrived in response to the summons. After a mysterious army attacked 18th century Singapore, he was knocked out and the TARDIS fled to Germany with only him aboard.
Fourth Doctor
An eccentric, Bohemian fellow with a long scarf, Bob Dylan's hair, and a blinding grin. He is brilliant, disarming, and often quite loopy. Of all the Doctors, he is probably the most difficult to predict or pin down, but also one of the most peaceful.
Post season 12, maybe mid- or just post-season 13.
In our fic:
Arrived in Princeton in response to Ianto Jones' summons, then took off with a group to look for Chula. Is currently incarcerated on the Discworld, whoops.
Second Doctor
Appears fidgety and simple but is actually quite brilliant. Convicted by the Time Lords of meddling excessively with time and sentenced to regenerate and be exiled on Earth without a functional TARDIS. Clings with his companions a lot when in danger, or when he might be in danger, or when danger has any possibility of occurring in the fairly near future.
Follows the season 6-B theory that the Time Lords suspended his sentence indefinitely so long as he serve their needs. This theory is partially supported by canon due to later multi-Doctor serials.
Jamie McCrimmon
Companion of the Second Doctor who comes from the Scottish highlands during a period of intense strife against British occupation. Immensely loyal to the Second Doctor and very brave, often entering combat and putting his life in danger for him. Wields a dagger and wears a kilt. Clings with the Second Doctor a lot when in danger.
In our fic:
Saved Adric from certain death by rushing onto a burning freighter despite the Second Doctor telling him not to.
Donna Noble
An office temp who met the Tenth Doctor when she teleported onto the TARDIS while walking up the aisle of her wedding. Later found out her husband dosed her with huon energy (exists in TARDISes) to feed her to a giant spider so she could wake her baby spiders. Declined an offer to travel with the Tenth Doctor after he drowned the spiders and set them on fire. Later regretted decision and met him while hunting fat babies (babies made of fat, that is, not overweight children, again, we're just the messengers!). Traveled for a while and was awesome, then turned into a Time Lord/Human hybrid, causing her to be even more brilliant than usual until her head nearly exploded. To save her, the Doctor wiped her memories of him and sent her home.
In our fic:
The Master returned her memories after kidnapping her, hoping to use her as leverage against the Doctor. He suppressed the Time Lord portion of her brain, causing her to lose some of the Doctor's memories but not blow up from awesomeness (she still remembers some, though). She then stranded the Master at a The Who concert on Earth and stole his TARDIS to look for Ten. However, the TARDIS' autopilot crashed her into Ten's TARDIS, causing her TARDIS to break down and strand her with the Fourth Doctor instead.
From E-Space, technically an alternate universe, and was companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. He is a math genius who stowed away aboard the TARDIS to escape a life in which his talents were not appreciated or used and is now trapped in our universe. He was trapped aboard a freighter doomed to crash on Earth as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs and the Fifth Doctor believed he died after the freighter exploded and the TARDIS was unable to rescue him in time due to damage sustained from a battle with Cybermen.
In our fic:
Met Discworld Death who slowed down time while he was trapped aboard the freighter to talk to him. Was subsequently rescued by Jamie McCrimmon and accompanied the Second Doctor until Death appeared aboard the TARDIS asking him to serve as a guide to Death's granddaughter, Susan, who must venture into the universe at large to fight a threat to Discworld and all existence. Adric accepted Death's offer, despite having grown to trust the Second Doctor and like Jamie. Currently stuck with Susan in the middle of a feud in 18th century Germany where they are posing as the cousins to one of the feuding families.
Sarah Jane Smith
A sassy, sexy stowaway on the TARDIS and companion to the third and fourth Doctors. She's a journalist, so she's extremely intelligent and also very nosy. She's gone head-to-head with the likes of Davros, Sontarans, Cybermen, and the Loch Ness Monster.
Season 12, maybe mid-season 13.
In our fic:
New Who Sarah Jane also exists and did adopt Luke, but other circumstances are slightly different and AU'd. Showed up with the Fourth Doctor in answer to Ianto Jones' summons.
The Master
A renegade Time Lord who is one of the Doctor's arch-enemies. Due to a Time Lord law, all Time Lords may only regenerate 12 times. The Master has run out of regenerations and has resorted to stealing bodies and striking deals with the Time Lord government to continue living. He has died and resurrected numerous times. He is smarter than the Doctor but still gets outwitted in his plots. He somehow managed to survive the Time War.
All of Classic Who is canon. The canonicity of S3 will be left unaddressed, and there is evidence pointing both ways in our fic.
In our fic:
Is currently seeking revenge on the Doctor but does not know where he is. As a result, he is kidnapping the Doctor's companions, hoping to gain his attention. He tried to kidnap Jack Harkness and accidentally got Ianto Jones instead, who outwitted him and escaped with the help of Discworld Susan from the future. He then tried to kidnap Donna Noble, but she stole his TARDIS and stranded him at a The Who concert on Earth.


A British book series by Terry Pratchett (all following art by Paul Kidby) in the general genre of comedic fantasy and satire, though honestly, it's about just about everything. Set on Discworld, a world shaped like a disc that sits on the backs of four elephants standing upon a giant turtle named A'tuin who swims through the cosmos. The main setting this fic is concerned with is Ankh-Morpork, a city-state that is the mercantile capital of Discworld. Primary groups of interest are the City Watch and Death.
For Death and Susan, some time after A Thief of Time. For the City Watch, some time shortly after Thud!

As the anthropomorphic personification of death, Death does not kill people but is merely responsible for ensuring that dead ones move on and thus that there is no build-up of excessive life force, which would be disruptive to actual life on the Disc. He has a fondness for cats and adopted a daughter, Ysabell, as well as an apprentice, Mort. The two eventually married and left Death's Domain (which exists in an alternate reality where time does not pass). They eventually died, turning down an offer from Death to prolong their existence. Death has taken breaks from his job several times, causing the Duty to fall to others, including Mort and later his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit. He also frequently comes into conflicts with the Auditors of reality, which seek to eliminate all life on the grounds that it is messy and abstract, interfering with their attempt to quantify the workings of the universe. He is abnormally protective of the Disc and is typically involved in preventing the really major catastrophes from occurring.
In our fic:
Death took a vacation and accidentally met Adric aboard a burning freighter. He has since formed a tentative alliance with the Auditors to face a threat not just to life but the universe itself and tracked down Adric to ask him to aid in the struggle.
Susan Sto Helit
Daughter of Mort and Ysabell, Duchess of Sto Helit and Granddaughter of Death. She has inherited a few quirks from Death, because genetics isn't as straight-foward as you think (this includes the ability to stop time, walk through walls, and use his VOICE). Highly values sensibility and does not want much to do with Death and his realm but frequently gets pulled into his plots anyway. Is in a relationship of sorts with Lobsang Ludd, the new personification of Time. Likes chocolate. Is currently a schoolteacher after a stint as a governess. Beats up monsters with a fireplace poker.
In our fic:
Took over from Death during his vacation and was contacted by Auditors about a grave threat to the universe. Left the Discworld with Adric as a guide but is now in 18th century Germany posing as Adric's idiot sister because she can't speak German and doesn't have the TARDIS translating in her head.
Sir Samuel "Sam" Vimes
Commander of the City Watch, raised from impoverished beginnings (he was the drunk in the gutter) to knight and duke. He is married to Sybil Ramkin, the richest woman in Ankh-Morpork, and they have a baby son, Young Sam, to whom Vimes returns home every day at 6 pm to read Where's My Cow?. He joined the Night Watch when it was a rag-tag band that didn't do much but was inspired by a man named John Keel to become a proper copper (though a temporal accident threw details of this into confusion). Following a set of circumstances that included a dragon, he has turned the City Watch into a moral and strong police force and frequently, and unwillingly, gets pulled into the Patrician's plots to keep order in Ankh-Morpork.
In our fic:
Investigating an attempted murder in the Patrician's Palace and overseeing a quarantine after the outbreak of an unidentified illness in Ankh-Morpork.
Sybil Ramkin
Sam Vimes' wife, and the richest woman in Ankh-Morpork. She's large and in charge. Runs the Sunshine Sanctuary for sick, abused, or abandoned swamp dragons in the city, which is something you have to be very brave to do.
Lord Havelock Vetinari
Patrician and benevolent dictator of Ankh-Morpork. Knows everything that goes on in the city and probably everything that will happen in the next ten years as well. Graduated from the Assassin's Guild. Has stayed Patrician for an unusually long time, mostly due to his extreme skills at politics and manipulation.
Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson
Captain in the City Watch, a human raised by dwarves, possibly the secret heir to the throne of Ankh-Morpork but not interested in ruling. Has somehow stayed honest despite living in Ankh-Morpork for several years now. Dating Angua von Überwald.
Sergeant Angua von Überwald
A sergeant in the City Watch, Angua is a werewolf and daughter of a Baron and Baroness of Überwald. Came to Ankh-Morpork to escape the more vicious lifestyle of stereotypical werewolves. A strict vegetarian (with occasional chicken when a wolf). Dating Carrot Ironfoundersson and close friends with Cheery Littlebottom. Can track criminals by smell as a wolf, though the presence of a werewolf on the Watch is now known, and thus criminals have learned to take precautions against her in the form of scent bombs.
Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John "Nobby" Nobbs
One of the original members of Vimes' City Watch and close friends with Fred Colon. He's a petty thief, but the Watch puts up with him because he never steals too much. Carries identification proving he his human and is commonly (and incorrectly) believed to be the werewolf on the Watch by most people. He used to be a soldier.
Sergeant Fred Colon
Another ancient "dinosaur" in the Watch, Sergeant Colon is large and slow in every way. He's close friends with Nobby and they often can be seen patrolling together. Like Nobby, he also used to be a soldier. Although he is awkward in the new Watch and thinks nostalgically of the days when there were only four of them up against a dragon, he's ultimately decided against retirement and has found a sort of niche.
Cheery "Cheri" Littlebottom
Forensics expert on the City Watch. Is a female dwarf and caused some controversy when she began wearing makeup but has since set an example for other dwarves in the city. Tried to be an alchemist before joining the Watch but blew too many things up, even by alchemists' standards.
Sergeant in the City Watch. Like most trolls, he's not too bright but very strong and reliable. Carries a modified siege weapon-turned-crossbow that can take out a house in one shot.

Pirates of the Caribbean

An American film trilogy from Disney, takes place in the 18th century and is about pirates in the Caribbean and sometimes elsewhere too.
Everything to the end of At World's End is canon, except for the post-credits sequence in which Will returns to Elizabeth and her son after ten years.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirate Lord of the Caribbean who traded his soul (to be paid at a specified time after the deal) to Davy Jones in exchange for the Black Pearl, the fastest ship in the world. Got eaten by a giant kraken when his time ran up but got rescued from Davy Jones' locker beyond the end of the world by his former crew in time to lead them to battle against English forces seeking to wipe pirates out from the face of the Earth. His first mate, Hector Barbossa, has mutinied against him and marooned him twice. Is very swishy and possesses a compass that always points toward his heart's desire.
In our fic:
Stole the map leading to the fountain of youth from Barbossa and went off alone in search of it. He was captured, however, and nearly sacrificed by the invading army in Singapore. He was saved by the timely arrival of Christian Mann (and Norrington) when they managed to answer three questions correctly to convince the army that they are part of a mythical civilization that is the army's long-lost ally. Currently aboard the Empress.
Elizabeth Turner (formerly Elizabeth Swann)
Pirate Lord of Singapore. Was the daughter of a governor in the Caribbean when Hector Barbossa raided the town and kidnapped her. Subsequently met Jack Sparrow and became a pirate herself. Was traded to Sao Feng in a game of double-dealing while the pirates were fleeing from Davy Jones and the British navy, but Sao Feng died and named her his successor as Pirate Lord. Was elected Pirate King by the Brethren Court of Pirate Lords on Shipwreck Island and declared war against the British, leading a battle for the future of the seas. Married Will Turner shortly before he was fatally injured and stabbed Davy Jones' heart. Currently captains the Empress.
In our fic:
One month after the battle, Elizabeth is leading the pirates of Singapore after failing to conceive the night she consummated her marriage. She met Hector Barbossa and plotted with him to find Jack Sparrow and the fountain of youth but then started hearing voices and jumped off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean. It turned out that because Calypso is bound to protect the Pirate King, doing so summoned Calypso to aid her. After trying to save Singapore, she is back aboard the Empress.
Hector Barbossa
Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea, went to the Caribbean presumably because the Caspian is landlocked. Was first mate to Jack Sparrow until they heard about Aztec treasure. He marooned Jack and got the treasure himself, but it was cursed and he turned into a living skeleton. Spent years trying to undo the curse and when he finally succeeded, was killed by Jack Sparrow. Brought back to life by Tia Dalma aka Calypso to help Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner find the end of the world and rescue Jack Sparrow. United the Pirate Lords' pieces of eight prior to the battle with the British to free Calypso but failed to gain her favor. He likes apples. Current owner of the Black Pearl.
In our fic:
Is seeking Elizabeth's help to summon Calypso's aid in locating Jack Sparrow and the fountain of youth. Currently frustrated because he failed to keep Elizabeth from jumping off a cliff. He fled Singapore aboard the Black Pearl after it was attacked by a powerful unknown force.
Will Turner
A blacksmith's apprentice who became a swordmaster in his free time, he joined Jack Sparrow and became a pirate to rescue Elizabeth Swann when Hector Barbossa kidnapped her. He then got tricked into serving Davy Jones in Jack Sparrow's place, whereupon he met his father whose soul was also bound to Jones. He made it his goal to kill Jones to rescue his father and succeeded, but only after getting mortally injured. Jack Sparrow helped him stab Jones' heart to ensure he would survive and take Jones' place. Will now ferries souls of the dead, and his heart has been cut out and placed in Elizabeth's care. He can only set foot on land one day every ten years. His father is now free and serves with him aboard his vessel, the Flying Dutchman.
In our fic:
Still doing his job. Has finally shown up, as Will often will ;). Pulled Jack Harkness out of the ocean near Singapore and rescued Olivia Schneider at the same time. Now trying to rendezvous with Elizabeth aboard the Empress.
Calypso (aka Tia Dalma)
Capricious goddess who makes oceans unruly and stormy. Was bound by the first Pirate Lord Brethren Court into human form, going by the name of Tia Dalma, so that they could control the seas. Hector Barbossa released her, convinced she would aid the pirates against the British. She did not. She likes crabs a lot, seriously, it's ridiculous.
In our fic:
Despite being freed, there is a more powerful magic that still binds her to the Pirate King and prevents her from harming the King and those under the King's protection. The King may summon her at will, though it was unknown how until Elizabeth figured it out.
James Norrington
Former member of the British navy and suitor of Elizabeth Swann, he was disgraced in action and turned into a pirate before stealing Davy Jones' heart and giving it to the British, thus returning him to their favor. He died guarding one of Elizabeth's escape attempts, getting stabbed by Will Turner's father.
In our fic:
His skull was mysteriously resurrected while in the ocean and washed ashore on Singapore. Currently resides in a boardinghouse there under the care of an old woman and seeks to protect Elizabeth from afar. Has agreed to help Christian Mann rescue Allison Cameron and Oliver Sabel on condition that he get them both off Singapore before it explodes. Currently aboard the Empress but Elizabeth does not know his identity.
I mean, he's a pirate.
Blah blah blah.
La la la.
Jack the Monkey
Ook ook ook.

Verbotene Liebe

Or Forbidden Love, in English. A German soap opera from Grundy UFA TV and Produktions GmbH, airing on Das Erste, set in Düsseldorf. Our focus is, obviously, the American one, that is, the Christian and Olli storyline. (Photos of Christian, Olli, and Gregor courtesy of screen captures by IvanIV. Photo of Olivia courtesy of publicity photos provided by 4lugia)
Their story is available here on Youtube:
Approximately some time after Gregor finds out about Christian and Olli's relationship but prior to Christian's big title match.

Christian Mann
Younger brother of Gregor Mann. Jailed twice, once taking a fall for his father and a second time falsely accused due to his prior criminal record. His father died while he was in jail the second time. Met his future girlfriend Coco after she began writing to him in jail. Met Olli Sabel some time later, and his relationship with Coco began deteriorating, especially after she moved in with him following an apartment fire. Coco then kissed Olli and fell in love with him, but Olli fell in love with Christian. Eventually, Coco moved to Goa, leaving Christian free to explore his feelings for Olli. They are now dating, though discreetly as Christian remains closeted in the world of professional boxing, where he hopes to achieve his lifelong dream (and his father's) of being a boxer. He is also attending sports university. He works as a bartender at his brother's bar, No Limits.
In our fic:
Fought Daleks during the abduction of Earth. Joined the Tenth Doctor when he crashed in Düsseldorf following a collision with Donna Noble's TARDIS. Fled Singapore with James Norrington's skull and attempting rescue Oliver Sabel and Allison Cameron. Currently aboard the Empress as a guest of Elizabeth Turner.
Oliver "Olli" Sabel
Returned to Düsseldorf after a stint as a steward aboard a cruise liner and began living with Christian Mann and his girlfriend Coco (and others, in a flatshare). Eventually Coco kissed him after her first fight with Christian, but Christian found out and was upset with both of them. Fell in love with Christian and told him so in order to save Christian's relationship with Coco. This ended up confusing Christian instead, and he helped Christian cope with coming out. Tends bar at his aunt's establishment, Schneider's.
In our fic:
Fought Daleks during the abduction of Earth. Joins the Tenth Doctor when he crashes in Düsseldorf following a collision with Donna Noble's TARDIS. Kidnapped by Persian pirates in the 18th century, physical location unknown (last seen in Singapore)
Gregor Mann
Owns the bar No Limits where his younger brother, Christian Mann, works. Once worked as a call boy. Had a wife named Sarah who married him only because she thought the man she truly loved, Leonhard, was her half-brother. When she found out that they were, in fact, not related, she had an affair with Leonhard. She then became pregnant with Gregor's child but lost it in a car accident in which Leonhard's wife died. Gregor has now asked Sarah for a divorce after she revealed she's been double-crossing him all along and is coping with losing his love by hitting on and sleeping with every woman he can find. He has also become Christian's boxing promoter after Christian fired his last promoter for stalking him, being a homophobe and offering him steroids. He and Christian are very close as they feel they are the only family each of them has left.
In our fic:
Fought Daleks during the abduction of Earth. Joins the Tenth Doctor when he crashes in Düsseldorf following a collision with Donna Noble's TARDIS. Currently on board the Black Pearl as a guest of Hector Barbossa.
Olivia Schneider
Cousin of Olli Sabel and arch-nemesis of Christian Mann (sort of). A treacherous black-mailer who is nevertheless probably just looking for love (and money, lots of money). Her dream is to become a model, but she has a tendency to get into trouble as she tramples all morals in her drive to fulfill her ambitions. As a result, nobody likes her except Olli, who considers her his favorite cousin and either overlooks or doesn't know about her shenanigans. She is trying his patience, however, as she has already threatened to reveal his secret relationship with Christian in order to use the boxing club as a photo shoot location.
In our fic:
Fled Daleks during the abduction of Earth. Joins the Tenth Doctor when he crashes in Düsseldorf following a collision with Donna Noble's TARDIS. Currently aboard the Flying Dutchman with Will Turner and Jack Harkness.

Original Characters

Characters who run around a lot.
Spoiler Warning: Since this list is meant as a reference and assumes that people reading it may have forgotten who an OC was, characters who die will have their deaths included in the synopsis. You have been warned.

Looking for those crazy German aristocrats? Click here for their separate character list.

A five-foot long spider droid belonging to the aliens that was captured by Robert Chase in the sewage plant/BRAIN factory and subsequently adopted as a pet. Took the form of a white Siberian tiger to appear less conspicuous.
Tracy Kindle
A nurse at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Has recently ended a bad relationship and thus often takes the side of injured parties in relationships. Is actually qualified to be a doctor but has chosen not to pursue that path for personal reasons. Was in Princeton caring for Gwen Cooper along with Eric Foreman and (to a lesser extent) Bilis Manger but left to rescue Gwen's boyfriend, Rhys Williams, from the Torchwood pterodactyl. Got caught in her love next instead.
Montgomery "Monty" Pike
Aide to the Governor of New Jersey but unaware of the alien conspiracy until he met Toshiko Sato when both their cars got accidentally towed from the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital parking lot. Developed a burgeoning romance with Tosh until they were captured at the governor's mansion and Tosh believed he betrayed her to the aliens. He proved his innocence but was mind-controlled by an alien posing as Attorney General Howell who tried to make him kill Tosh and Ianto Jones. He fought back, killing the governor's wife, Rebeca Streed, who was conspiring with Howell, before charging off to the sewage plant/BRAIN factory to save Tosh from the aliens. He succeeded but they ended up dangling over a pool of molten steel. He died taking the fall so Tosh could escape.
Craig Howell
Attorney General of New Jersey and secretly an alien. He was responsible for making sure Governor Streed did what he was told but ended up going slightly insane in a desire to become ever more human. Died falling into a pool of molten steel in the sewage plant/BRAIN factory in the finale of Arc 1.
Rebeca Streed
Wife of the Governor of New Jersey but only married him for his power and access to confidential information. Intrigued by puzzles and unexplained phenomena, she manipulated the aliens while making herself look like a pawn and convinced Ianto Jones to help her investigate some of her interests, leading to a meeting with Jack Sparrow. Her preferred weapons are her brains and a pair of scissors, but she made the critical mistake of underestimating Monty Pike who killed her for putting Tosh in danger by stabbing her with her own scissors.
Pistachio Smythe
A colonel who collaborated with the aliens in order to become one of the first humans to test their BRAIN technology. Lisa Cuddy choked him to death with her panties in the finale of Arc 1.
Governor Streed
Governor of New Jersey (with the first name of 'Governor') and a pawn in the alien's game, though he thought he was exchanging his influence for the even greater power of BRAIN. A little hapless, he ended up getting on the wrong side of Howell and got sent to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to oversee the National Guardsmen he'd sent there to capture House and Torchwood. There, he was captured by Lisa Cuddy who forced him to recall the National Guard and order repairs to begin on the hospital. He then got on the wrong side of her, so she threw him out a window to his death.
Casper Posey
General overseeing the National Guard's quarantine of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and responsible for capturing House, his associates and Torchwood in order to recover the alien artifact they had in their possession. After a botched interrogation attempt of Lisa Cuddy, interrupted by Jack Harkness, he died after Lisa Cuddy stabbed him in the neck with her high-heels.


If you don't ask about these, we won't have to give you an explanation that makes your head explode.

Hello Kitty.
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