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Table of Contents and Status Updates

Eram quod es, eris quod sum

Table of Contents & Status Updates

Title Page: Eram quod es, eris quod sum
Prologue: Sex (with Owen) Kills

Arc 1
Conspiracy Theories

Chapter 1: Hora Fugit
Chapter 2: Three Kisses
Chapter 3: All in the Head (Part 1)
     Part 2
Interlude: The Mastermind (Part 1)
     Part 2
Chapter 4: I Can See Your BRAIN (Part 1)
     Part 2
Chapter 5: Fire and Brimstone
Interlude: A Break from Death
Chapter 6: You Owe It to the World
Chapter 7: God Does Not Play Dice (Part 1)
     Part 2
Chapter 8: Falling
Interlude: How Do They Rise Up?
Chapter 9: The Ninth Circle (Part 1)
     Part 2
Chapter 10: Do You, Mr. Jones?
Chapter 11: The Highly Unlikely But Otherwise Excellent Adventures of Gregory House and Friends
Interlude: Modus Operandi
Chapter 12: Words Fly Up
Chapter 13: Divine Tragedy (Part 1)
     Part 2
     Part 3

Arc 2
The Search for Chula

Title Page: The Search for Chula

Superscripts indicate which group of characters a chapter is generally about:
4 = Four's team, 10 = Ten's team, SA = Susan and Adric, FG = Foreman and Gwen.

Chapter 14: What Happened Next 4+10
Chapter 15: Divine Heroin Muffin 10
Chapter 16: The Universe 4
Chapter 17: Into the Fire (Part 1) 10
     Part 2
Chapter 18: Escape from Singapore 10
Chapter 19: Fairy Trails 4
Chapter 20: Interview with a Vampire SA
Chapter 21: In Which the Doctor Medicates Many People (Part 1) SA
     Part 2
Chapter 22: Birds of a Feather 10
Chapter 23: Déjà vu of Déjà vu of Déjà vu (Part 1) 4
     Part 2
Chapter 24: The Water's Edge SA
Chapter 25: Sometimes a Strange Longing FG
Chapter 26: Sparkling Tuna Parrots (Part 1) 10
     Part 2
Chapter 27: The Shadows of Greatness 10
Chapter 28: Yellow Brick Road 10

Status Update: Saturday July 17, 2010
by: suninos

Mmm, Ronald Reagan....

Chapter 29: Red Tide
Status: Writing
Completed: Who knows (2,044 words)
Pirates. Everyone else, now with special stain releasing formula.

Chapter 30: Untitled Discworld/Fourth Doctor Chapter
Status: Writing
Completed: 1%

Status Update: Friday January 29, 2010
by: suninos

I know no one reads these updates, but on the off chance that someone does, if you like our fic, you have to see When In Rome. Why? Two reasons. First, if you want the next chapter out faster, keep me happy and help Kristen Bell's big movie do well. But more importantly, this movie is pretty much the exact sort of humor we do, so if you like our stuff, there's a very good chance you'll like the movie. And... seriously, KRISTEN BELL.


If you are reading this post and wondering when the hell the next chapter is coming out, please comment and answer the questions: 1) Which community (or if that's the case) you get updates through and 2) Whether the Susan and Adric chapters should be posted as separate chapters or only ever attached to "Main Story" chapters when we update the comms, like we did with interludes (Basically, right now, if an SA chapter gets posted without a corresponding 10 or 4 chapter, we don't announce it on comms until a 10 or 4 chapter gets posted). And yes, answering these questions does help get chapters out faster 'cause it reminds us to write rather than get some sleep.

Since we're now a Permanent Account, why not take advantage of the features? For wallpapers, user icons, and other random picture/art stuff made by us for all the various fandoms this story involves, check out our Scrapbook at

Remaining banners:
Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12, 17
Interlude 4

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